A Tea of Her Own ~ Class and Tea Party


A Tea of Her Own ~ Class and Tea Party


In honor of Women’s History Month Radical Cooks will be hosting a cooking class and tea party to celebrate the contributions women have made throughout time. We’ll make scones, decorate tea cookies, and learn the art of “high tea.”

An extra special educational component to our class will feature “heroines from history” whereby attendees will “invite” a woman from history to be her guest.  While we can’t bring Cleopatra or Joan of Arc back to life, each guest will chose and create a representational placemat, featuring their own personal woman from history!

Where? Food & Shelter kitchen, 6375 North Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA (kitchen entrance on side street of Hamlet) 

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A Tea of Her Own© Party Menu



Sliced cucumbers & cream cheese

Egg salad  

Roast beef



Sloane’s Scones

Devonshire Cream (“mock” cream using whipping cream & sour cream)

Strawberry Jam



Teacup sugar cookies (to be decorated by attendees)