Baking Savory and Sweet

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Baking Savory and Sweet


In this class series Radical Cooks teaches kids the art of baking, both sweet and savory . Students learn baking basics (the role of eggs, flour, substitutions, measurements, etc.), not to mention how contrasting flavors complement one another beautifully, bringing out the best in all of the fruity, salty, sugary, rich, and savory ingredients.

Class Schedule:

1. Quick breads ~ April 3rd

2. Biscuits & Jams ~ April 10th

3. Sponge cakes ~ April 24th


4. Vegan baking ~ May 1st 

5. Eclairs ~ May 8th 

6. Cupcake Decorating with Miso Bakes ~ May 15th 

Where? Mt. Washington Elementary

When? Wednesdays, 3-4 pm

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