Sunday Night Supper Class (Parent & Child)


Sunday Night Supper Class (Parent & Child)

from 15.00

Swing by the kitchen Sunday night, take a backseat to cooking as your child explores the kitchen and learns to make dinner! Each Sunday Night Supper class features a main dish (pizza, pasta, etc.) with a focus on a seasonal ingredient and a new technique (homemade dough, roasting, searing, marinating, dicing, etc.). After class we feast family-style in our comfortable dining space. 

When? What’s on the menu?

Sunday, September 23rd, 5:00 pm - Pizza and Puppets. Learn how to make your own pizza dough and while the dough is rising, make a really cool pizza puppet with Lisa, our local puppet-maker!

Sunday, October 21st, 5:00 pm - Dia de los muertos dinner party. Celebrate those who have gone before us with Day of the Dead bread, make your own mole, altar-making, and a delectable dinner worthy of our celebrated loved ones.

Sunday, October 28th, 5:00 pm - Trick, Treat & Pumpkin Ravioli. Come to the kitchen, learn a magic trick or two, and make some kitchen magic with homemade pumpkin ravioli.

Sunday, November 4th, 5:00 pm - Let’s Make Pies! Teacher Karen will show parents and kids how to make foolproof dough for pies. For dinner, we’ll learn to make empanadas, a savory hand pie from Argentina. For dessert, pies with in season fruit such as apples, pears, and more.

Where? Food & Shelter kitchen, 6375 North Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA (kitchen entrance on side street of Hamlet) 

How much? $42 per parent/child (see below FAQ for additional pricing)

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Can the siblings join, too?  

Yes! If the siblings want to join in, it’s just $15 additional.

Can my spouse/partner come?

Yes! Just RSVP with the details so we know how many to plan for.

Can I simply drop off my child? 

No. Each child must be accompanied by at least one adult.