Knife Skills 101


Knife Skills 101


The more efficient you become with this simple yet effective kitchen tool, the more you'll enjoy cooking. This class covers basic knife skills such as how to hold a knife to chopping, dicing, and slicing, not to mention those fancy cooking show cuts like “chiffonade” and “julienne.” We’ll also discuss sharpening, storage, and care. Bonus ~ all that we slice and chop we get to eat, so plan to bring home some delicious recipes, too!

Location:   Food & Shelter, 6375 North Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Class Dates:   

Saturday, Sept 14th, 10 am

Saturday, Oct 19th, 10 am

Date & Time:
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Classes are held at the Food + Shelter kitchen in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park. Address is:

234 Hamlet Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042

(use mint green gate)