The Poetry Amongst the Produce

One of the many benefits of traipsing through a farmer's market like the one in Hollywood is that that you never know what you might find, aside from fresh in-season produce, that is. Once upon time at the market we happened upon a lady perched amongst the produce with a strange-looking machine in front of her.


They call this device a typewriter. Analog it may be, I hear they're making a comeback for reasons I have yet to fully grasp. One reason, it seems , is that it looks so very cool.  Case in point, see below. 



This lovely lady perched amongst the produce was said owner and operator of The Poem Store.  


For a fee mostly determined by what you had in your pocket she will devise, in the moment, on the spot, a poem. Give her a word, a phrase, a name and poof! A poem is born.  I kindly request a poem. She asks me for a subject. 

"Radical cooking," I expectantly, hesitantly mutter in her direction.  Poof!  


And there you have it. The essence of Radical Cooks summed up by a poet sitting amongst the produce. Ms. Suskin graced us with her art, her craft, her intuition, and style.  To this we say, "Grazi, Poem Store. Grazi, Ms. Suskin." 

Check out more about The Poem Store, poetry books for sale, and inquiring about Ms. Suskin's availability at