Lighten Up! Spring's Almost Here!

Clear out the old.  Make room for the new.  Spring is the greening season.  As we approach the eve of Spring we invite Mu Larsen, local healer and acupuncturist, to share her tips and suggestions for celebrating the season of the new.  

Mu notes:  Spring is the season of the Wood Element, of growing entities, like trees (and people).  Wood grows out and up as it branches, as well as down and in.  To grow requires a balanced foundation. 

Eat to Benefit the Liver

Mu suggests the following foods and dietary practices as we come into spring:       

  1. Eat dark leafy greens, sprouts, and celery to cleanse the Liver and the blood and relieve stagnation.
  2. Drink lemon juice with water to clear the Liver and promote the movement of bile in the Gallbladder. 
  3. Flax seeds and sunflower seeds help nourish the Liver.
  4. Light meats, legumes, whole grains and fruits will also benefit the Liver.
  5. Avoid heavy Winter Foods in Spring as allergies may emerge.


Nothing will move stuck energy like exercise.


Regulate sleep, with a goal of being asleep well before 11 pm.


No late night eating or overeating.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Both acupuncture and herbs can be used to move, to nourish and to balance the Liver system, the quality of the blood, the strength of ligaments and tendons, and the allergic responses and the cyclical rhythms of the body. 

About Mu:  A graduate of and faculty member of Yo San University, Mu Larsen practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, Herbs and Nutrition.  She has over two decades of experience in nutrition and the natural products industry and is the owner and operator of Seeds of Wellness in South Pasadena, CA.