Radical Kids Cooking Camp Coming This Summer


It's messy.  It's fun.  It's cooking camp. 

Why Do We Do It? 

When I spoke of our winter cooking camp an intrigued parent remarked, "that must have been exhausting."  "Not at all!" I replied.  "It was exhilarating!"  There is a sense of empowerment that unfolds when a child learns to create in a kitchen setting.  It is a sight to behold.  Such new confidence has a long lasting impact which extends well beyond the kitchen walls.  Now gently sprinkle in some math lessons while measuring or doubling recipes.  Suddenly you have a classroom cloaked in the guise of a kitchen.  But don't tell the kids.  We're just cooking and having fun, that's all. 

When Are We Doing It?

Radical Kids Cooking Camp dates for Summer 2014 are now posted on the website at http://www.radicalcooks.com/summer-cooking-camps-for-kids/.  Sign up today! 

Who can come? 

Kids, ages 6 to 10.  Just for kids.  Sorry parents.