Sprouts in Spring

Photo credit:  Nina Zippay

Photo credit:  Nina Zippay

You know you’re a food geek when you stand waiting for the Sprout Guy to arrive at the farmer’s market.  As I live in California I'm not alone in my health nut foodie geekness.  In fact,  there was a crowd at the Sprout Guy's table on this day, for it was the first day of spring and people needed their sprouts!  Fortunately, sprout hounds aren't the raucous type so no mob mentality took shape.  When Sprout Guy arrived, holding a decadent-looking sandwich from a nearby food truck, we were happy and ready to receive our spring sprouts. 

Why Sprouts?  Why Now? 

Raw foods and sprouts especially encourage renewal and clear heat, an important step in attuning oneself to the season of spring.  They help cleanse the Liver.  Think sprouts.  Think spring.  Eat sprouts.  Eat spring.  Simple, yes?

What Kind of Sprout Are You? 

I’m waiting for this quiz on my Facebook page.  Honestly, with one look at the sprout selection at the farmer’s market, I already knew.  The alfalfa sprouts reminded me of the tangled mess of yarn sitting next to my chair waiting to be made into something.  So I ignored those sprouts just as I do the tangled mess of yarn at home. Center stage was a more hearty sprout, with thick green little leaves attached to slightly thicker white roots.  “These are Daikon radish sprouts,” sprout guy explained.  “I’ll take them” was all I said in return, not even asking the price.  Anything radish means pungent, tangy, and full of spice.  My kind of sprout. 

Served with olive oil, capers, lemon and a little rice wine vinegar, this light and spicy sprout salad was all I needed for a Saturday afternoon snack.  A delightful welcome to spring!