Pretty as a Peach Sitting at the Breakfast Table


Peaches, ripe and in season as they are now, are a summer glory to behold.  It seemed downright unfair to put it in some complicated recipe distorting the sweetness of the peach with any flavor but its own.  Yet, as pretty as the peach may be, I still felt compelled to add a little “sumpin’ sumpin’” with it for breakfast one morning. 

Following traditional Chinese medicine guidelines our focus on flavors for summer seasonal attunement are sweet and pungent.  A ripened peach aptly brings us the sweet all on its own.  This simple dessert (or breakfast as was the case for me) brings us the fruition of summer in a simple, mostly raw, approach. 



Sliced peaches with a scoop of ricotta cheese, with a drizzle of raw honey, a sprinkle of nutmeg, and a sprig of mint.  There’s your un-recipe. 

Why honey considering the peach is sweet "as is?"  I drizzled raw honey for both looks and health.  Raw honey is reported to be the only sweetener which reduces fatty buildup in the vascular system.  And it looks all fancy now.  Mint leaves help balance the sweet with a light pungent flavor, reducing cholesterol and fat in the arteries. 

As for the ricotta cheese, you ask?  I’m half Italian.  So I used half the recommended serving size.  Enough said.  Enjoy!