Is It Summer Already? 6 Ways To Make It So


For the parents, school testing is over. We're in the final stretch. In the workplace, check your coworkers search engine history. You'll find the search term "vacation" everywhere. We are disconnecting while ostensibly connected. Why? Summer is almost here. 

Radical Cooks is going to do you a favor. We're going to call it. Right here. Right now. It's summer. While technically the solstice doesn't go down until June 21st, 12:38 EDT, we're giving you six quick tips on how to make it summer now.  Go on.  Buy your beach towels, clean off the grill. Then put into practice these 6 tips to better attune to the season we affectionately call summer.  Why 6?  It's summer. We don't have time for 10.  

1. Drink fluids. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Water is best. Watermelon juice is nice too, as it helps to cool the body and cleanse the system. Avoid the sugary drinks and those full of chemicals (both diet and regular). They don't relieve thirst anyway. 

2. Spice it up. Don't be shy with Serrano peppers. They will actually cool you off (we'll expand on that later in another blog article).  

3. Go light. Choose a lighter diet over heavier foods. Select lighter salads, raw fruits and vegetables. 

4. Get up! Early!  Awaken earlier in the morning and take in the coolness of the morning. 

5. Bring in more yin to balance the yang. Chinese nutrition classifies food according to its energetic qualities of temperature, taste, and ability to moisten and strengthen the body. Food with cool and cold properties can clear heat, reduce toxins, and generate body fluids.  Think green cool foods like cucumber, leafy greens, and more (again, we'll expand more in another article with recipes, too). 

6. Go outside. Meet friends for a picnic, take a beach day, hike a trail. Just go outside, expand, and take in all the Vitamin D offered up by the sun. Don't forget to put on sunscreen and bring the water bottle! 

Enjoy the summer! Send us your favorite healthy summer foods, photos and all, so that we can share with the community what summer is all about.  Summer up!!!