Cookbook. My New Morning Quickie

Display of fresh herbs at Cookbook in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Sometimes, to get the ball rolling in the morning, all you need is a quickie.  This past Saturday I did just that, with a quick pop-in to Cookbook in Echo Park. 

Having heard about the place from a friend, I stroll in about 10:30 on a Saturday morning. For such a small space they have much to offer ~ fresh produce, herbs, cookbooks, meats, eggs, cheese, drinks, fresh bread, and even catering.  

While I longed for it, flipping through food porn from the cookbook collection beneath the counter was beyond me.  No time.  Scanning the lamb, duck eggs, cheeses, veggies and more, I took in as much as I could.  Then I focused in, with a little sneak peek at the spice offerings.  My eyes happened upon the caraway seed that my friend the other mentioned would go well with the pickled radish I was attempting to create back home.  Oh, yes, Cookbook.  This was just what I needed. 

My present quest in eating seasonally is to uncover the blues, blacks and purples of winter.  Cookbook, almost psychic in sensing my needs, delivered unabashedly.  Amongst the fancy gourmet grains, I spot a bag of heirloom purple barley from Timeless Natural FoodPurple barley.  I didn’t even know barley came in purple.  Cookbook just opened the door to a new culinary sensation. 

Just as I was about to top things off and check out with my purple barley, caraway seeds, and a bottle of ginger brew pulled from the cooler, the clerk asked me if I wanted a loaf of bread later for tonight.  I hadn’t even thought of dinner!  And there she was, thinking ahead for me.  What a doll. 

As we all know, the morning quickie is a short-lived experience.  But if done right, it will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.  I sat down that evening with my husband sharing a bottle of wine, sliced fresh walnut bread, and goat cheese.  A slight grin came across my face when he asked me about the inspiration for tonight’s micro-feast.  I attributed it all to my new morning quickie ~ Cookbook.

Cookbook is located at 1549 Echo Park Avenue in Los Angeles, California.  Hours and product offerings can be found online at