Fennel for Fitness & Flavor

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My boot camp buddies are doing a food/fitness challenge called The Gauntlet, orchestrated by the ever illustrious and always inspiring Bust It Boot Camp team of Brooke and Doug Purdy.  While there are a fair share of foods “off the list” most vegetables are allowed, including fennel.  So, thus, I dedicate this post to those who have thrown down the Gauntlet.   And also to Brooke and Doug, for each day I go to boot camp I walk away feeling more empowered, energized, and alive than ever before.  Enjoy!

Start with a small fennel bulb.  I found mine in my eroots produce box yesterday.  Lemon or lime (also in my eroots produce box yesterday!), kosher salt, caraway seeds (close cousin to fennel), and a little olive oil and rice wine vinegar (last items not pictured). 

Chop fennel bulb in any shape you please. I went across.  Add the feathery green leaves to make it pretty. 

Drizzle olive oil and rice wine vinegar over the fennel.  Sprinkle on some kosher salt and a few caraway seeds.

Inspiration and life's little twists always take shape around this house.  The hamster was missing.  The violin recital was looming.  So my kids left a fair share of scrambled eggs on their plate in the midst of morning's madness.  So I placed what was left of the eggs up against the salad for a little value-added protein.  It worked for me. Maybe it will work for you.

Now I have to go find that hamster.