Enliven the Liver with Lemon

A few weeks back, on the eve of spring, an email arrived in my inbox.  It read "lemons at your door. cheers."  Later in the day I arrived home to find this beautiful sight.  I can't imagine a better gift of spring. 


Winding Our Way Out of Winter

Holing up in our homes, sinking down deep into our roots.  Such has been the practice for many throughout winter.  It's given us a great foundation to grow into the spring.  But such habits may have caused a little liver stagnancy.

Bitter and Sour Stops the Stagnant

The first step in reducing liver stagnancy is to eat less.  Second, lay off the saturated fat foods such as cream, cheese, eggs, etc.   Then start in with the bitter and sour foods. 

A common cure for reducing liver stagnation is vinegar.  As it is both bitter and sour, it helps detoxify and cleanse.  But all in moderation, please.  Too much vinegar, or anything for that matter, does not heal.  It hurts. 

If you're not sure when enough is enough, be it ice cream or vinegar, try a safer, simpler option to help reduce liver stagnancy.  Try the lemon.  Sour foods, like lemon or limes, are more gradual in their effectiveness. 

A Splash of Lemon For My Liver Please 

Add lemon when drinking water to help detoxify the liver.  Start the morning, before that first cuppa, with a full glass of lemon water.  The lemon will help cleanse body tissues, increase the body's ability to absorb minerals, and detoxify the liver.  And more.  

Search the web and you will find 11 reasons to drink lemon water, followed by another article listing 16 reasons to do it.   In total, that's 27.  Do you really need more?  I didn't think so.