Artisans of LA Unite

Artisan or "artisanal" is the new buzzword of the food industry these days.  I'm still working towards pronouncing it correctly.  I'm sure by the time I have it down, we'll be on to something else. 

What is Artisanal Again? 

Don't check in with the marketing gurus on this one, or you'll be directed to Jack-in-the-Box or Domino's for the latest bun or pizza dough creation where they've slapped on the word on the box or the billboard to catch the urban hipsters attention.  Instead, head to the source, Webster or otherwise, which states:  pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods

Or better yet, see the real deal at Artisanal LA this weekend.  Artisanal LA is set to showcase the best artisanal food vendors around the country, over 100 they boast on their website.  

Artisanal LA

After cooking class in the morning we're off to Artisanal LA where I plan to speak this word aloud many times for practice and ultimately perfection.  I'm confident by the end of Saturday I will able to say the word without a stutter.  I'm sure the samples will be quite tasty, too.