Are Pears The New Apple this Fall?


I just love the fashion world, especially when they pontificate if "red is the new black?" or "if brown is the new red?" Sparking an amusing debate on what color one's sweater should be is a tried and true way to create a newsworthy, blog-able item.  With a nod and wink to the fashion world we pose a similar question.  Is pear the new apple this autumn season?  

A common kitchen remedy in China come Fall are pears. With their cooling and moistening nature they help to moisten the lungs and aide in offsetting the dryness so common in this season. Try a quick comparison by first biting into a ripe pear and then a ripe apple.  You should notice the pear will be more moist than the apple which might even taste astringent in comparison . The viscous quality that pears possess helps moisten the lungs, which helps relieve dry coughs, sore throats and other conditions associated with drier weather.

Admittedly, "a pear a day" doesn't roll off the tongue as well as "an apple a day."     But have a pear anyway.