Eat Well Travel Often - New Adventures Announcement


I wish I could give credit to the genius who penned that quote "eat well travel often" as it captures my very essence so well.  So well, in fact, I've upped the game and added a new thing to the "to do" list.  

Yours truly has embarked upon a new adventure; travel writing.  I’ve joined KCET’s online Travel Section as a regular columnist and will be posting articles of my travels and tastings throughout our golden state.  The focus will be mostly on the outdoors (so no, I can't get you a free night at the Ritz).  

If you like travel, even the armchair kind, and you’re curious about what the Golden State has to offer, then please follow me

My recent posts include:

Worry not, readers.  We'll still be blogging and cooking here at Radical Cooks.  But we're taking to the trail, too.  And off we go!