Bring the Colors of Spring Into Your Kitchen


Think Green

Greens, greens, and more greens!  Young plants and sprouts is what it's all about come spring.  Such youthful abundance helps remind us all of the new beginning that makes this season so special.  Sprouts come in many shapes and sizes at the farmer's market these days.  Learn how we serve them up checking out our article "Sprouts in Spring."

We love greens at Radical Cooks so much we just can’t say enough about the liver-cleansing qualities of chard, kale, and beet greens.  Check out our blog article “Breakfast on the Green” for ideas on how to integrate more green into your morning breakfast routine.  

Think Yellow

Drink in the sun, drive out the bile (ick!).  Seriously, lemons, limes, and vinegars all help cleanse tissues and help the body absorb minerals.  As lemons are naturally sour, you’re strengthening the Liver with every puckered facial bite into the yellow citrus fruit. To learn more, see our blog article on ways to Enliven the Liver

Move the Qi in Your Kitchen

Stir up the space, and the spice, in your kitchen by moving the dynamics from winter to spring with Radical Cooks.  We will help you dive into cupboards, pull out the weights of winter, and place all the right spring spices and seasonings center stage.  With a focus on the foods of spring we can do group classes, private consults, custom designed food plans,  recipes, and more.  Contact us directly at    

Happy Spring Dance to All from Radical Cooks!